By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty Tips for Winter 2024

Ciao bella,

How are all my Glamazons doing? Starting to feel dry and flaky? Well I have a few tips for you to look and feel better.

For your lips to feel moisturized and soft, find a couple of lip moisturizers to apply over lipstick or just plain.

For your body, please find an all purpose nourishment. No added paraffi ns or wax. Some kind of cream that will absorb into your skin and soak in leaving a velvety touch.

For your hair, you need to spray a tiny bit of Olive Oil. Brush your hair well, shampoo and style as usual. No hot hair dryers please!

Your nails by now are exploding "a description" my husband uses often.

Cuticles are dry and need to be pushed back. Just use a bit of Olive Oil and use to push back cuticles. You'll also be nourishing your nails. Give it time and you'll see.

Your welcome for your beatification tips -- anytime.

Happy winter to all my colleagues -- love Mary

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