By Mary N. DiZazzo

Gray Hair

Ciao bella,

Where did gray hair come from? Turns out that they are correct all along -- new research suggests that increases in stress hormones decrease production of the pigments that color hair and leave to graying. Quite surprisingly, this process can be reversed. In some cases, reducing stress causes hair to regain its pigment. But, of course, graying is a natural part of the aging process. Those of us, who have naturally gone gray later in life, have little hope of getting our hair color back ó except from hair dye. In my opinion, as a third generation cosmetologist, I believe in Dyeing the hair. With COVID-19 now coming to an end, many of my friends have gone completely Gray. Iíve thought of it for myself ó I just can't, I love my red hair too much. I get many compliments on it. However, the friends who have Gray hair really wear it well. So -- make tracks to your favorite hairdresser, and color your hair. Look as young as possible. And -- Happy Memorial Day!

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