By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty Horror 2022

Ciao bella,

“Be Careful or You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”
Taking a different turn on beauty for the sake of humor, here are some beauty scenarios that may bring back a memory or two.

One gal decided to dye her hair and multitask by washing the dishes. Oops … the pizza cutter sliced through her thumb! Should have gone for stitches instead used a tourniquet from dish towel. Her hair came out great, however, there’s a scar to remind her to slow down!

The over archer decided to pluck her eyebrows. Plucking was too painful so she decided to use her razor. Yikes … shaving off half a brow it took a few months to grow back in. Not without shifting bangs!

Using black eyeliner at 14 years old was the ultimate. After a few hours of people staring and thinking I must look so cool, I took a look in the mirror and all the oil and sweat had spread the pigment so much that I looked like a baby Panda!

After a busy and exhausting trip, I emptied my cosmetic bag out on the counter.

I would have SWORN ON MY LIFE I grabbed my eye make up remover. It was nail polish remover! I flushed my eyeball for 5 minutes under running water until the pain subsided!

So, the moral of these stories is consider a professional to educate and demonstrate before attempting home skills. Or at least a bottle of nail polish remover with big letters!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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