By Mary N. DiZazzo

Face Primer ... what is it exactly?

Ciao bella,

I always considered Face Primer to be a secret beauty tip! However, now I must share it with all my Glamazons! It was a marvelous discovery for my make-up chest. Several years ago when I or anyone I knew what Face Primer was I discovered it by accident. I was putting in my Avon order and decided to try this foundation for under your foundation. It was a hit with me! It created a smooth canvas for my foundation. It evened out my complexion minimizing my pores. It actually made the application of foundation easier to apply. My make-up lasted so much longer making my skin look velvety! Wow ... what a find!

There are many Face Primers on the market. Iíve tried many; however, I keep going back to the Avon brand. Hope they still make it. A tube lasts a long time. They come in clear, or a pink & coral shade. Creating a smooth canvas for foundation your Primer will work well in humid and warm weather. Helps make-up to adhere to skin, lasting longer, working as a shield between skincare and make-up. Itís almost like a gauze that you put on a camera lens. Like I said a velvety look!

There are also Primers for eyelashes, eyes, and lips. Iím also familiar with the Lip and Eyelash Primers which keeps lipstick on longer and enriches moisture in your lips. The Eyelash Primer thickens your lashes before applying your mascara. Oh but the job that your Face Primer will do is remarkable!

So go out and get your Face Primer on!

Happy Labor Day!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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