By Mary N. DiZazzo

Summer Beauty 2021

Ciao bella,

Here we are with a special season of warmth and sun. So much Beauty to capture the special moments. Fresh air is less likely to transmit the pandemic.

We may have to wear masks again, however, there is so much to enjoy and celebrate this fantastic time of year! Summer will be ending soon ... so letís get it on! The dog days of August with that blazing sun is a natural disinfectant.

Iíve been enjoying outdoors and our Cabana with pool life. Oh, how Iíve missed these fun days Ö grilling, lounging, tanning, and swimming. (I walk in the pool and fi nd it great exercise) The salt water pool is also a Beauty asset.

Itís been great reconnecting with my Cabanaland friends. All with same woes and discontentment of this pandemic! However, we must focus on the positive aspects of living our best life. The reconnection with people brings Beautiful smiles.

There are so many outdoor activities to do here ... And outdoor dining is all over, better and improved.

Jumping into a car, taxi, or Ride-share and get out of town. Safer outdoor activities than indoor. There are so many different and interesting places to discover. Or an old hang out you used to consider your stomping grounds! Iíve been thinking of Salisbury Beach. I spent so many summers there. Sometimes my parents with grandparents in tow would rent a cottage ... so much fun with the fam. Then my parents invested in an adorable trailer and we would park it at The Salisbury Reservation for almost the whole summer. The meals Mom put out there tasted the best ever. I think it was the healthy, salty, beach air.

As I got older, I would spend several days at a time with my cousin Marilyn whose family owned a beach cottage in Salisbury. Memories we all took for granted. These nights, I fall asleep with all the recollections of those days. The beach sun and the ocean water are really so good for your skin! My cousins also had an awesome outdoor shower!

No phones ... only the pay phone I would have to call my Mom and my boss ... oh, Iím staying an extra day!

Open windows with beautiful breezes. The smell of flowers blooming in the air is hypnotic. A Beautiful sense of reward abounds!

Go out and Relive those memories and capture Summer at its finest Beauty

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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