By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty Tips My Mother Taught Me

Ciao bella,

“Remember Dear . . .don’t come home with dirty knees! Yes, Mommy”
It will be 20 years this year that I lost my Mother. However, I always remember her teachings and philosophy.

Most importantly how to be polite and act like a lady. Be kind, gentle and always look ready for anything. She was a true force of nature on this one! No matter what was going on in her life she always dressed beautifully with her bouffant style hair done and makeup perfectly applied.

Her skincare routine was every night with the best creams that were sold. I would watch her at night while she massaged her complexion cream into her skin. I used to say that someday that will be me. She taught me to never skimp on Beauty Products and that you get what you pay for. Now I am forever reading the ingredients ... so important.

Always with her hair coiffed specifically to frame her face. The style barely changed through the years. She had a nice big dip in front ... sometimes with a blonde streak and the tops of her ears always covered. She was a true brunette. It was hard for me when the day came when she wanted to go natural. However, her hair grew out to be a stunning silver, white shade. With the right make up it was becoming on her.

She would always say "If MGM the movies won’t hire me, the comic strips will!"

She was full of quotations that made so much sense. "There is no tree that can’t be chopped down." Meaning that there isn't anybody who is mightier that can't be taken down. I've come across a few myself these days!

The best days I remember were playing "Ring Around A Rosy" as a kiddo with my friends! There she was in her pretty apron, holding hands with us and singing!

I was born on Christmas Day, so she always managed to decorate with red, blue, and yellow colors insisting my birthday was special and birthday colors should be used. The cake candle holders were different ballerinas performing a Sissonne movement!

No wonder we love ballet to this day.

Many wonderful memories of all my birthdays with the friends, grandparents, and neighbors that Mom would make so special.

So remember your Mother on Mother's Day and give her a call!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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