By Mary N. DiZazzo

COVID-19 ... Leaving the Mask Behind!

Ciao bella,

Happy Labor Day to All
I feel like I was living in a bubble for months! Don’t get me wrong I love my home and where I live with two outdoor decks. Wouldn’t trade it for the world...however, we had our Boston mayor and governor telling us to stay home unless it’s absolutely mandatory to go out. I got fearful of people since there was so much violence in the streets. I drive a mobility scooter to run around town and I love her (named her Roma). Just couldn’t drive with mask on! Really a serious issue for me. I thought people would attack me verbally or physically for not wearing my mask. I was wrong...

Actually people were happy to see me out scootering around. Not everyone wore their mask outside. In fact several ladies in the North End on separate occasions recognized me as the Post Gazette Beauty columnist which was quite flattering. I semi wear my mask in the new, huge Star Market in North Station, just a few blocks from my home. I could do donuts in the aisles, the store is so big and only a few people at a time. Fun and easy.

I must say I miss the faces of people, especially the delivery guys! Oh the Beauty there is truly missed.

At least we’re stocked up on toilet paper. Not that we bought out the whole store of it like the suburbanites. God help us!

In the months of quarantine I kept thinking of Anne Frank. Her and her family with boarders lived in close quarters for years without going outside. I guess you’ll do anything to save your life. Same here.

During the quarantine months we did keep busy. Lots of reading, TV series including Tiger King which was perfect for quarantine, hilarity at its finest, coloring books galore, and lots of cooking and safely ordering out. We certainly dined well..

There was a certain positive idea of catching up at home. I feel my relationship with my husband has grown stronger. Ahhh...the silver lining!

Spoke to long time friends that reconnected. From Sicily to Los Angeles to New York...all friends checked in...mostly all was well.

A few friends survived the virus, however, lost a favorite cousin to it in July. It was heart breaking.

So as the world opens up we face the monster and we live our best life.

Get up, make up, healthy thoughts, and Smile, Smile Big!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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