By Mary N. DiZazzo

Cleaned Out!

Ciao bella,

I consider myself so fortunate today. Just before corona hit I hired a lovely teen to help clean out drawers and closets. Altogether between donations and trash there must have been at least 14 bags! Of course this was a period of over several weeks. Purging is such a beautiful feeling! Now when I go into my drawers and clothes closet a wave of relief just comes over me! I'm a bit of a hoarder with my clothes. Sentimental value comes to mind. So when I got rid of the ones I wasn’t using anymore I found so much room that I could actually see what I owned. I felt like I had just gone shopping!

There were a couple of important drawers of makeup in my vanity that I really needed help with purging. My teen friend Kristen (a doll) was just a pro for this job. For some reason she guided me perfectly through the clean up. What I was to keep and what to throw out. She was all about the dates, expiration dates. So I'm here now with a few tips on what to keep and what to toss. And of course smelling your make up. You can detect that rancid smell quite easily. All that have an odor should be thrown out immediately. Keep your every day wearable's front and center. Keep some of the fancy make up toward the back of the drawer. Toss out containers of make up that you really don't use anymore. Forget about the sentimental value. It just takes up too much space. Importantly mascara should be tossed after about three or four months. A buildup of bacteria in mascara tubes can cause eye infections. Even after this 3 month quarantine you probably haven't used your mascara so time to toss it. Also after about six months trash liquid foundations and creamed eyeshadow.

Also check your old, unused during quarantine creams for face, body, and hands.

So hope you’ve enjoyed my tips on living a cleaner life. Stay safe and sound in these crazy times. Look to the future because the best is yet to come -- Something my Dad always quoted.

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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