By Mary N. DiZazzo

To Keratin or Not to Keratin ... That is the Question?

Ciao bella,

Iíve been in a quandary this month on whether to Keratin my locks or not. Finding the right salon is dizzying! The Keratin application is quite marvelous as it tames the hair like an unruly classroom! It makes the cuticle of your hair lie flat without all the Frizz that we all dread. Who can live with smoother hair that is more manageable, is damaged repaired and noticeably softer? I can. It can leave your locks very straight or depending on the Keratin formula used by your professional, leave it with a bend/curl. My Mom would have adored this treatment as her hair was actually kinky. Letís not forget about the amazing Shine the Keratin treatment performs on the hair!

As summer approached my hair became quite dry and unruly. After all it had been over one year since I had my Keratin done at my salon where I worked. My Keratin lasts since I shampoo only once a week which is plenty for me.

Being a licensed cosmetologist there are perks. One is being able to purchase professional products from suppliers.

Many months ago I bought a professional Keratin treatment. Once I read the directions I fully realized it would be too difficult for me to do solo. So my husband David offered to help. We shall now call him ďMonsieur Davide!Ē

He performed a rocking Keratin treatment on my locks and Iím in my glory!

I mean there are so many salons near me offering the Keratin service even with Groupon discounts. However, Iíve had my share of bad salon experiences!

I just colored my hair and styled it straight. I am one happy gal! The Keratin tamed down the hair to give it life, body and shine! Hope it lasts! Time will tell!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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