By Mary N. DiZazzo

Natural Beauty

Ciao bella,

What is Natural Beauty? Are you really born with it? Is it in your genes?

My experience seems to grow curious with time. I must say Mother Nature has been kind to my mug! Hardly a wrinkle! Is it because I started using a good skincare regimen in my early twenties? I look at photographs of my great Nana and my Mom and they looked ageless. I know my Mom daily and nightly took care of her complexion with fab products at the time. My Nana also took care of her face using the best moisturizers of that time. Although she loved the sun, I feel the rays really didnít catch up to her. She kept a beautiful complexion. Iím sure their Cosmetology careers helped lead the way! So how is it some complexions stay looking ageless? Iím sure stress is a huge factor. And back to those genes you are born with. Mediterranean ladies with their Mediterranean diet seem to age quite well. I still think that really good skin care factors in to keeping your skin well hydrated, replenished, and full of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to look ageless. An every day and every night routine is a must. Someday Iíd like to take a survey of who keeps such a routine! That routine is what the gym/exercise is to your body!

Right now there are so many Skin Care routines that I could write a book about them all. There are some better than others, however, I found you must choose which one works for you. I had that kind of time in my twenties. Always experimenting in those days! Also affordable product plays an important role in choosing which one. I can tell you right now ... you donít have to pay an arm and a leg for good skincare. Importantly is maintaining a daily and nightly regimen.

Removing daily makeup and daily grime is imperative to maintaining good skin!

Itís never too late to care for your complexion. Your smile will show through!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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