By Mary N. DiZazzo

Frizz ... What is it, What Causes it and Why Do We Hate it so Much?

Ciao bella,

The weather and hair damage are mostly to blame. Strands tend to lose their smooth alignment also when exposed to hot tools, hair brushing, and chemical treatments such as coloring. The outer layer of strands which is known as the cuticle become like layered scales which lift instead of lying flat. The puffed up cuticle allows humidity and moisture to enter the strands causing Frizz. Frizz is mostly common in curly hair. To get a handle on it use a conditioner from root to tip and apply a leave in Serum. Of course, it doesnít last long.

In my experience over the years, with my extremely curly hair Iíve gone through stages. I really hate Frizz on me! It may look good on other people but not me! I have pictures of myself with the Frizzed out curly look and I really donít like them. I think I donít like the Frizz as it takes on a life of itself. There is absolutely no control over your hair do ... Mother Nature at her finest!

I remember living in Florida one winter. You know how humid The Sunshine State can be? Sitting in front of the mirror and blow drying my hair straight. When I was done ďdrying my hair,Ē I sat in front of the mirror a bit and just watched my hair in slo-mo just curl right back up into a halo of Frizz! You canít make stuff this up!

From a professional point of view I suggest this course of action ... My best and only solution

is The Keratin Blowout which lasts me up to a good 6 months.

The fabulous advantage of the Keratin is that even when your curl starts to return, the Frizz stays away! I love my curls donít get me wrong, however, the Frizz must go!

Remember dippity-do, ironing your hair, and the beer can rollers to straighten out cuticle and hair? Be gone my fine friends!

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For now, stay beautiful!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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