By Mary N. DiZazzo

“25 Divas Live! Your -Fabulous -Diva-Living -Next -Door -Jive”!

Ciao bella,

Beauty is the in the eyes of the beholder, as they say. At least it does for authors John DeVito and Frank Tropea. Publishing The Immortal Marilyn: The Depiction of an Icon; and Epic Television Miniseries: A Critical History with great success, they are incorporating a new project #25divaslive with friends and relatives alike.

Their New upcoming book and exhibit will celebrate 25 Legendary Divas. A special literary tribute for each Diva will be presented. Then their fabulous photographer Jefferson Ariaga will present a photographic tribute of a real live Diva of today paying a unique visual tribute to the Diva of the past! Simply genius!

I was a Diva for a day as Mae West. Let me tell you a bit about that. I greeted everyone in a rose satin dressing gown Mom gifted me on one of my Christmas Birthdays. The star vibe was kicking in.

With my makeup done I was put in a sexy black lace negligee, something Mae would adore. Marisa Ciarlone, the Art Directer slipped on a huge blonde wig ... red feathers adorning! Elbow length pink gloves graced my arms! The bling sparkled out loud!! Rhinestone’s dazzled in my hair and almost every finger! “Alexa” was playing Mae West songs in the background thanks to my husband David.

I dressed up as Mae West one Halloween many moons ago. I remembered many of her quotes and shared them with present company. “When I’m good I’m good but when I’m bad I’m better!” I was truly transported to another time! A magnificent Real Baby Pink Fur stole was wrapped over my shoulders, all I could hear was the clicking of Jefferson’s camera ... I was posing and in another world outside my bedroom where this transformation was taking place! It was a memorable moment for a gal who just celebrated a huge birthday recently. Click, click, click, was a kind of music to my ears. With every click I Was Mae West!

“Goodness Mae, what beautiful diamonds” “Goodness had nothing to do with it!” Looking forward to viewing the other Divas ... Katherine Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Jackie and Rose Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe of course!, Marie Curie, Billy Holiday, Maria Callas, Mary Magdalene, and more!

Stay tuned my Glamazons ... I couldn’t have done it without you!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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