By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty is ... Vacation!

Ciao bella,

Once in a while, Iíll stray from Cosmetics and the best one of the day.

I want to take you on a vacation journey! There is so much beauty in this journey beyond the visual aspects.

In September my husband David and I vacationed as we do every year (for me over 40 years) in Provincetown, Cape Cod. We stayed at our favorite hotel The Crown and Anchor.

Upon our arrival, I remember dropping my purse and walking straight out to our private deck overlooking Cape Cod Bay. Our quarters had more than a room with a view! For starters, we had an electric fireplace, which warmed us up on one rainy afternoon. Watching the blaze made me remember that winter was well on its way.

Cocktails were in order!

Our private deck occupied with a table and chairs looked out over Cape Cod Bay. Watching the tide going in and out was mesmerizing and reminded me of my mindfulness.

I would leave the door open at night and the smell of the salty, sea air fi lled my lungs with a medicinal quality. The sounds of the splashing ripples were like a song. Waking every morning from it, I felt healthy and energized.

I adore "people watching." So, I would fi nd a comfortable spot on Commercial Street and watch and talk with people. Interacting with their lives gave me a warm feeling. I love people. I even scored a few phone numbers. For me it's an uplifting experience to share stories of our wars and loves.

The different foods that have become our favorite in Provincetown were savored delectably. From our Spiritus Pizza party on our deck to dinner at Karoo (So. African fare) in Eastham a few towns away from P-town. Since our trip to Cape Town, South Africa, we like finding the cultural cuisine.

We also connected with old friends and thoroughly enjoyed their company. Reminiscing on the past year and what's ahead.

Arriving in Provincetown is like no other entry I've experienced. The small little huts on the left side greet you with sand dunes and beach grass on your right. The sand dunes are pyramid like and it is forbidden to climb up or down them. A youthful habit I'll always remember doing for the thrill of it all!

So far, I have hit on the beauty of our five senses! Never take them for granted. Next time when you're on Vacation, stop and grasp the beauty!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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