By Mary N. DiZazzo

Is Your Summer 2018 Pool/Beach Bag Ready?

Ciao bella,

It's that time of year again when we start to cherish the next few short months.

David is getting ready to open our Pool Side Cabana. The piles for "fun in the sun" necessities are taking over our apartment! This year we also invested in a mini air conditioner in a 1960s mint green! The shower/changing room can get a bit warm. Oh, the comforts of home!

I'm getting my pool bag ready. Now there are so many fabulous bags to choose from that I found it hard to pick one. I think I'll go with an old standby. Plenty of inside pockets with one on the outside.

So, what you take inside is very important for a relaxed and safe day:

1) Sunscreen — start off with an SPF 30 and limit exposure, re-apply after swimming, follow manufacturer's instructions carefully.

2) Water — stay hydrated throughout the day. Pop a water bottle in the freezer so it will stay cold for a longer time at your sun spot.

3) Hat — good protection from sun rays and makes a fashion statement. I also wear a turban to protect my locks.

4) Sunglasses — eyes are important to take care of while in the sun. In fact the sun is strongest in summer months. Pick out a few fun pairs and show them off!

5) Lip Sunscreen — before you hit outdoors, exfoliate your pout, apply lip color, then sunscreen for lips.

6) Cover-up — when you’ve had enough sun, use a nice opaque cover-up.

7) Mat/Towel — absorbs sweat and wet bathing suits.

8) Brush/Comb — for your hair to refresh the do!

9) Insect Repellant — it's not necessary at the pool ... in fact I’ve yet to see a mosquito at the pool! However, the beach is another story ... so for you Beach Bums to keep clear of green flies, and no-seeums, don't forget your Deet! (Safe to use) 10) Pack of tissues/handkerchief/wet ones — to freshen up!

So my Glamazons that’s the list for this year. See you at the water.

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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