By Mary N. DiZazzo

The Beauty of a Sister ...

Ciao bella,

This is an unusual Beauty column for the type of Beauty that existed in my lifetime.

My sister Cheryl was born on a lovely summer day in June. She was two and a half years younger than I, as I was born in í54 on Christmas Day. She was a Beautiful child. I was thrilled to have my very own "living" doll at the time of her birth. Her Beauty and facial features were porcelain-like. Her fi gure was slender and lovely.

After having me, Mom and Dad experienced my behavior and ability to learn. As Cheryl reached different stages in her growth, Mom and Dad knew something was wrong with her progress. After many different kinds of doctorís exams, she was diagnosed at three years of age with mental and mobility challenges. It was a devastating heartbreak for my parents. My Nana and Nano DiZazzo helped in her care; however, it just wasnít enough. Just to keep her safe and keep as normal a household as possible, she was institutionalized. She was placed there with the help of the Kennedy Family. We shall always be grateful.

Mom and Dad bought a few trailers through the years and, on the weekends, we would visit all different kinds of Swim and Recreation Parks around the area of my sisterís new home. Mom made us the best homecooked meals out of the trailer and we had picnics galore. I always thought how lucky I was to travel around Massachusetts at such a young age.

Cheryl was always fun, laughing and enjoying herself with us. I was just so lucky to have a sister! She loved her Rocking Horse and went through several of them. She also adored new clothes and her caretakers would indulge her habit!

About three decades ago, Cheryl was placed in a private home with her own bedroom. Mom was thrilled with this. She had 24-hour excellent care and a housemate or two through the years.

My husband David and I enjoyed entertaining her here at our apartment in Boston and at our Cabana in Charles River Park (which she would call "the cook-out.") She was just here celebrating Christmas with her wonderful caregivers -- Jennifer, who was like our third sister, and the others who went far beyond the duties of their job! How fortunate we all were. I made my famous Sausage Bolognese. For dessert, I ordered delivery from Modern Pastry here in Boston's North End, Lobster Tail and Cannoli. Cheryl ate with relish and devoured her Italian Delicacies. After all, when Cheryl came to visit it was a time for laughter, music, chair dancing and celebration. She certainly took after Dad for his love of music. Her fav song was "Happy" by Pharrell Williams! And letís not forget "Puff the Magic Dragon!"

It would be our last Christmas.

Cheryl passed away quietly in her sleep, just like Dad, on January 20th.

She is now with Mom and Dad and her beloved grandparents. I shall keep the good memories deep in my heart. She is always with me, as we were part of each other. God bless and rest well, dear sister, until we meet again.

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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