By Mary N. DiZazzo

Dry Shampoo

Ciao bella,

You must all remember PSSSSS...T? The first Dry Shampoo we ever heard of ... other than sprinkling your tresses with a fluff of cornstarch. The era was the '60s well through the '80s for PSSSSS...T. We all had long hair in those days and shampooing was not an everyday habit. There wasn't the popularity of blow dryers, nor the professional shampoo and conditioners they sell today to keep hair from drying out. So a Dry Shampoo was great in a pinch.

You just sprayed on the roots and shaft. Leave in for a couple of minutes and either fl uff or gently brush out. The powder from the Dry Shampoo absorbs the oils and outside elements from your tresses. Leaves hair feeling clean, fresh, and smelling fab!

I really like to use Dry Shampoo when Iím not feeling well and donít want to wet my hair. And also when Iím pinched for time and a last minute event pops up!

There are different kinds of Dry Shampoo with many to choose from now that it has once again become popular.

Iím sure you can still fi nd PSSSSS...T online or at the Vermont Country Store. Speaking of Vermont Country Store ... I had the pleasure of visiting one in Vermont and there are so many good beauty products that go way back to my Mom and Nana's era. Fine stuff!

My New Favorite Dry Shampoo is Living proofģ, that's from a wonderful line of hair products made in Cambridge, MA.

So my Glamazons, go out with clean hair always!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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