By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty Salon

Ciao bella,

We just canít beat this glorious weather! Great for skin and hair! I wish our Cabana was still open so we could catch more sun-kissed breezes. Itís also out there that they might just eliminate Daylight Savings Time. Wouldnít that be grand? Healthier to experience more daylight, not to mention safer dwellings and electricity savings would be appreciated by all!

I recently attended my Beauty Advisory Board meeting in Andover at The Greater Lawrence Technical School. I enjoy giving back to the community of Cosmetology; being the third generation in my family (with Mom and Nana) to be a part of this community is very rewarding.

There were Cosmetologists there from every age and walk of life. Some just out of school, and others who were lucky enough to have had a career in Paris some time ago, picking up experiences galore! Everyone had so many different opinions. I recommended the Beauty mags for the students ó not! Just a click of their phone or iPad is all they need to view a picture or answer a question.

I still love receiving my Nail mags, though. If I see an article I like, I can fi le it away in my Nail mag folder or even bring it into work and show my clients, nicely displayed. Still old fashioned that way! Talking about our electronics ... my Momís dilemma in the í40s and í50s was that she had to stay in her Beauty Shop all day to answer all the calls. Those calls included potential clients for appointments, salesmen who were showing off the latest Beauty kick, bill collectors, and deliveries. She envied the Answering Machine when it came out, stating how lucky I was to have such a helper! Imagine ...

So my Glamazons ... itís short and sweet! Stay beautiful!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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