By Mary N. DiZazzo

Muslin Cloths

Ciao bella,

I canít express how important it is to wash your makeup off every night! Bacteria buildup and broken eyelashes are just a few of the consequences when your face is not cleansed every night. Even a day spent busy without makeup must be cleansed to purify your skin from those outdoor radicals.

So lately Iíve been looking into the best way to cleanse. A Muslin Cloth has been a solution. These woven cloths have been around for centuries. However, they have made a comeback. Not like cleansing brushes, which can cause breakouts due to bacteria buildup, the Muslin Cloth offers a cleaner approach to cleansing. They make a great exfoliator. To use, dampen the cloth fi rst with warm water, apply cleanser, and gently massage into your skin. The Cloth will buff away surface impurities such as dirt, oil, left over makeup, and dead skin cells. It can also gently remove waterproof mascara. Great for getting rid of nasty blackheads! Rinse thoroughly. Your skin is left feeling smooth and clean, as the Muslin Cloth is soft and gentle on skin.

Use the Muslin Cloth sparingly, two or three times a week is fine. Always be careful of exfoliating techniques. Never overdo.

After use of Cloth, rinse in hot water with mild detergent. You can also machine wash on gentle in a laundry mesh bag. The Muslin Cloth has a quick dry feature. Just hang to dry.

Muslin Cloths are readily available at your cosmetic counter or drugstore.

So my Glamazons ... go out and wash that mug properly!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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