By Mary N. DiZazzo

Hair Length

Ciao bella,

Your hair is your Crowning Glory! You should keep it at a length that is flattering on you. Years ago once you turned a certain age, you had to cut your long tresses. That rule no longer applies! Thank goodness since I love my long hair!

Even in the í30s and í40s my Mom seemed to deal with long hair. Women that were way past a certain age really didn't want to cut their long hair. So, my Mom would meticulously pin their hair up off their shoulders. It was a work of art! It was not your everyday up do!

Short hair is easy with a wash and dry feature. Make sure itís a fitting frame for your face. Visit a professional salon where Pyrametrics is used as a cutting technique and you should be fitted for the right short cut framing your face. A professional from a Dellaria Salon is trained and skilled to give you a flattering shape. After all, it was John Dellaria who patented Pyrametrics!!

My long tresses are work. I must detangle everyday by brushing and brushing, however, very healthy for the hair and stimulates the scalp. After shampooing, you must condition, leaving on conditioner for up to three minutes. Only professional products should be used. The drugstore products just donít do it for me!

So all my Glamazons ... treat your tresses well and enjoy beautiful hair!

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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