By Mary N. DiZazzo

Make Up Brushes! Use them Wisely!

Ciao bella,

"Brush Up on Your Makeup"
Ever since I can remember, I’ve used Makeup Brushes. Sometimes a finger will do in a pinch; however, the action of using a Makeup Brush is quite profound. I just purchased a brand new set with colors of a pale rainbow, unicorn and mermaid! Makeup Brushes are sold separately and also come in sets.

First of all, they’re great for blending makeup. First your primer before your foundation is applied. Which Brush to use? Experiment, and try each brush that you’re comfortable using to achieve the best results. Then your foundation, a medium size handle with a stubby Brush should do. Blend and blend and blend! You’ll notice a fine, smooth clarity of polish.

The smaller, thinner Brushes are used for eye shadow. Brow bone and eyelids call for a variety of Brushes. How deep, light, frosted the colors you’re using are and how much color is to be applied. Experiment!

Stop by a professional makeup counter and pick up a few tricks of the trade from the gals working behind them!

And then there’s contouring. Temples, bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow and never forget your décolletage!

Apply blush on your cheeks with a Makeup Brush. From just below your temples to right down the sides of your cheek bone. No apples there, please! Makeup Brushes are great to use in setting your makeup with a powder and/or a highlighting powder.

Keep your Brushes clean with a few drops of Woolite and water.

So Glamazons ... go out there and Brush your face on!

Buona Giornata.

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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