By Mary N. DiZazzo

Mascara 2016

Ciao bella,

Just a little Mascara, brow gel, and some lipstick and we’re ready to go! A sanitized version of what we really paint on! I call it “the quick Cinderella!”

So since I’ve grown out my long and lovely, natural lashes, I’ve learned quite a few more tips on Mascara. Here I am to share the do’s and don’t of applying this wonderful cosmetic. First of all, there are so many different kinds and brands. Promising the thickest, longest and fullest lashes ever! I do believe in paying a bit more for a Mascara formula that has conditioning agents to keep lashes as healthy as possible.

The best formulations are ones containing a conditioning formula for lash growth and for lash follicle. I use a lash serum everyday to keep my lashes long and flexible.

A moisturizer in the Mascara is a plus. You want to keep lashes soft and pliable. If lashes get too stiff with inferior ingredients, you could end up with broken and thinned out lashes. Check the labels for ingredients

Only use waterproof Mascara on occasion when you feel that water/tears may make the product run. Waterproof Mascara is extremely difficult to remove, even with the best Mascara remover. I do not care for oily removers that leave a residue on skin and eyes. Eyes are sensitive, so be aware of what goes near them. When you do remove Mascara, be sure to soak a cotton pad with remover. Apply cotton pad for 30-60 seconds and then gently wipe away. For a list of my fav Mascaras that I adore, please email or call me.

Of course, remove your Mascara fi rst every time you apply your cleansing routine and it’s off to bed. Sleeping with Mascara still on puts unnecessary pressure on lashes. Breakage of lashes and eye infections are always a problem. Nasty eye infections/contamination can be avoided by ALWAYS using a different cotton pad for each eye during removal.

Lately I’ve heard of a Mascara that, with continued use, will darken your lashes.

There are a variety of colors from blue, violet to green. I love my black which makes eyes pop! Also, if you apply a soft black pencil between lashes, your Mascara will be working overtime! Really fabulous trick to get “eye popping” results. Experiment and try for yourself.

I believe in changing brands. It’s interesting to see the different and unique looks you can get with each Mascara. After all, they are advertised to create different looks.

So, Glamazons, these are my Mascara tips for 2016! Lash out today!

Wishing my readers and coworkers at the Post-Gazette a “Spooky Halloween.”

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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