By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty is Marilyn Monroe!

Ciao bella,

Marilyn's Tomb
On June 1st this year was the iconic film star's 90th birthday! Her fans came out in droves. She lived to be only 36 years old. A self made women and well read in her short life was remarkable. Her death is still a mystery to some people. My opinion is that the demons in her mind took over and she didn't have the network of true friends and doctors to help lead the way. It goes for many.

The week of her birthday were all kinds of TV shows on her life. Documentaries and of course her famous movies that whisked her from her skirt blowing up to stardom.

At the peak of it all she knew how much the audience adored her. The camera also loved her! There will be no else like Marilyn again. She was a diamond herself.

My love for Marilyn all started with my "Nail Tech" career. My boss at the time asked me to show him my technique. I would spray scented water on the hands between steps during the manicure. He asked what is that? I said it's scented water. The boss let me know I that I should give that step a name. Ex. Jean Harlow water, Greta Garbo water? As you may figure it was finally called Marilyn Monroe Water! I found picture stickers of her to place on the spray bottle. ( I'm also a sticker queen) Whenever a sticker looked rough I'd change it. Now you must know I really didn't know much about this Marilyn Monroe until I incorporated her " water" into my service. My clients gave me everything Marilyn as gifts. I received her movies, calendars every year, posters, pictures, Channel perfume (was Marilyn's favorite), small statues etc. I became to know her as a talented actress with beauty beyond our dreams! She was said to have manufactured the " Marilyn " look by herself! Brilliant!

I've become a huge fan of this gal. I was lucky enough to win a lottery ticket and attend Christy's Auction House in New York City when all her belongings were auctioned off! I was inches away when thee dress that she wore to sing Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy came out on display. Christy's dimmed it's lights and thee dress moved forward on a lighted mannequin! Quite spectacular! Memorable!

My husband David drove me to Brooklyn, N.Y. for an elaborate photo exhibition of her.

All the famous photographers who were lucky enough to have met her and capture her image were all notably credited. A stupendous trip!

I've also been to her grave at Pierce Brothers in Los Angeles and spent quite a few hours there. A cement bench dedicated to Marilyn is where one can sit and dream!

My house is peppered with Marilyn! From a Barbie like telephone that when it rings she starts singing "I want to be loved by you" while her white skirt blows up over a NYC street grate! I'm not kidding. I even replaced the " fan" recently. Oh and let's not forget our Marilyn bathroom! Pictures on the walls and lip soaps for days!

This Birthday month deserves a kind thought for Marilyn! So do it and watch one of her movies! We can still dream!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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