By Mary N. DiZazzo

Attention: Eyebrows

Ciao bella,

Your Eyebrows frame your face. They instantly bring forward a dramatic prelude to the rest of your look.

Today, more Eyebrow is stylish and becoming. There was a time in the Madonna craze when she looked like she didnít pluck or wax a hair. So I decided to grow mine out. It was certainly a look. However, I love the arch of the Brow and the clean circumference you can create with shaping by tweezing or, better yet, waxing. NADS is the best way to achieve that clean look. It is a sugar-based Brow wand depilatory with no sticky, gooey mess! Any residue washes off with water.

A quick makeup rule is: to look decent, all you need are well shaped Brows and lipstick! For professional advice, I would make an appointment with a Brow specialist. They will be able to show you how to create a Brow for you. Home care is essential.

Remember when I grew out my Madonna Brows? Well, where are all those hairs now? Another trick of Mother Nature tapping on our door to let us know who is boss! Defi nitely, itís her. So, to outmaneuver all her tricks we must combat and overcome to be the best we can be! There is so much professional help out there, take advantage of it.

After cleaning up and shaping my Brows, I use Wunderbrow to fill in and shape. Comes with a brush to perfect shape. Stays on until you wash it off. No smudging or dripping. This is a liquid-type liner that you may choose in your color. I learned way back NOT to use a pencil. It drags out delicate Brow hairs that stay gone forever. So no pencil to shape Brows.

Recently I noticed a FB acquaintance who never really had Eyebrows. Lately I noticed the last dozen or so pictures of her with these dark painted Eyebrows that looked hideous! Is this a college ďdareĒ or what? This prompted me to write this column!

Take care of your Eyebrows! There are also serums you can apply everyday to regain hair growth. Take it from me that they work following the manufacturerís directions.

So my Glamazons, hope you are inspired to give the proper attention to your Brows!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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