By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty Oils Spring 2016

Ciao bella,

Beauty Oils! What are they exactly and what do they do? You can find them everywhere at you favorite cosmetic haunts! Here I'll explain the Beauty and Health benefits of Beauty Oils!

Rosehip Oil - with wrinkle fighting vitamin A, it nourishes skin from past damage and increases cell revitalization. Use a small amount morning and night for a smoother complexion. Rosehip Oil also contains vitamin C and E which are notable antioxidants for anti-aging. I have used and sold Rosehip Oil for almost 20 years with fantastic results! Read below to purchase.

Olive Oil -great for a dry, itchy scalp. Saturate your scalp, leave on 20 minutes and thoroughly shampoo followed with a conditioner. Also makes hair shiny and manageable.

Jojoba Oil -found in body soaps, shampoos and face creams. Extracted from a plant known as a wonderful skin softener. Keeps frizzy hair tamed with a few drops or a hair treatment.

Argan Oil -also known as "liquid gold" in Morocco for a host of Beauty rituals. I use a few drops in my hair just before styling. Notable for it's vitamin E which strengthens hair and nails with daily use. Yes Glamazons, its maintenance for us gals everyday! What price Beauty?

Almond Oil -has been easing the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema with its Omega-3 ingredients. Great on irritated skin for it's calming properties. Enriched body moisturizer is a must!

Coconut Oil -this has been the new trend as it is full of nourishing fatty acids. Great as a make up remover. Use on dry skin anywhere to relieve flakiness. Face, body, lips and cuticles at this time of year can use all the moisture they need.

Grapeseed Oil -full of anti-oxidants that restore collagen, softening lines and helping skin to stay firm. Contains anti-aging properties. Great on hands as a treatment with a warm cloth for 10 minutes.

These are just a few of the Beauty Oils out there that I believe to be most popular and beneficial. If you find these ingredients in any of your cosmetics check for their purity and Best Buy dates.

If you need more details on these oils, please email or call me.

So now go out and "get soft" !!!!

Buona Pasqua to all my Post Gazette Family and readers!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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