By Mary N. DiZazzo

Eyebrows Are a Matter of Choice!

Ciao bella,

Japanese noblewomen in the 8th century practiced "hikimayu," encouraging the shaving or plucking of their eyebrows so they could paint ones higher on the forehead.

Today there are many styles and shapes one can choose from, however which shape will look best on you? Well groomed brows will balance your features and frame your eyes. Eyebrows that are incorrectly shaped can throw off the shape of your face. Go to a professional, "Andrea at Eyestarr," on Newbury St in Boston. Voted Best of Boston for her fabulous individual eyelash extensions that last for weeks, she has trained to shape your brows to flatter your best expression. She takes care of many prominent women in Boston. After all Eyebrows can be a form of a facial expression depicting your mood whether it be happy, flirty or sad! One of my favorite ladies of the Silver Screen that graced a lovely, thick arched brow was Audrey Hepburn. You'll see her at Andrea's Eyelash Boutique!

IT Cosmetics by Jamie Kern has put out "BROW POWER" which is a universal pencil with brow enhancing technology. After Andrea shaped my brows and I went home to do my cleansing ritual washing off her magic, the next day I did need filling in since Mother Nature or whatever has thinned mine out. The IT Brow Pencil is fabulous to fill-in or even make your brows thicker. The universal, transforming shade adjusts to your brow color! Press softer for lighter hair, press harder for darker hair! For a finishing touch brush through brows for a natural polished look! The IT Pencil has a spooley brush on the opposite end for easy application.

Look for it at or! And shape up!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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