By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

Make-up brushes have always played an important part in my beauty routine. I've gone through several sets in my lifetime. From hand painted, to hand carved, to natural bristles, to artificial bristles, I've enjoyed them all! Right now I have two sets on my vanity and travel sets in every bureau.

The ones on my vanity have a clear acrylic handle with gold specs that are quite glam. The other set are just plain wooden handles with a good tight brush.

The brushes are all different depending the cosmetic you are applying. The newest brush for me out of my collection is the Kabuki with a short handle. It's truly great for highlighting cheekbones, applying mineral powder, and contouring in general.

Using the appropriate brush with your mirror to apply your cosmetic product blends better in the skin tone achieving professional results! A Foundation Brush as well as The Face Sponge also helps to blend foundation into skin with velvet like results. A Powder Brush is soft, full and rounded with fluffy bristles. Use this brush over foundation to seal in cosmetic. A Concealer Brush is flat with a pointed tip and a soft wide base. It's great for blending concealer product under your eyes or wherever you may need it.

In 1835 a German chemist mass produced mirrors by depositing a thin layer of metallic silver onto glass! Mirrors were luxuries along with makeup brushes for the wealthy. Makeup brushes were probably invented by the Egyptians with a finding of a bronze one dating back to A.D. 500! The Germans are credited for inventing the modern makeup brush.

Shenzhen near Hong Kong boasts more than 200 factories that manufacture makeup brushes. A tremendous amount of labor goes into these hand tied and hand trimmed tools for beauty.

I lighten up on my makeup routine in the summer. I like a little tan and Mother Nature's blush all SPF infused safety! However on a night out to look and feel special, out come my brushes to sweep me away into Beauty Land!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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