By Mary N. DiZazzo

Hair Gone-thanks to Sue Ismiel!

Ciao bella,

Building an empire isn't easy! However with determination and need, Sue, an Australian housewife, has become an inspirational woman and innovative entrepreneur. She has developed her iconic Australian company, NAD'S, a gentle hair removal company, with an enviable global reputation. Starting this trend was Sue's middle daughter who was not able to find a hair remover gentle enough for her sensitive skin. So Mom went on to create NAD'S Hair Removal Gel. From ingredients she had in her own kitchen came a gentle, natural, and effective hair removal product. And so NAD'S was born!

After a successful run of infomercials in Australia, NAD'S was launched in 1998 in the US and reached the pinnacle of success. She was inundated with orders, air freighting one 40-foot container to US every single day!

This phenomenal success of this one product allowed Sue and her three daughters to develop a range of innovative depilatory products.

Sue and her husband have given back to the community tenfold. As one example: Sue has become an exemplary philanthropist encouraging women, some less fortunate, to become owners of their own companies. The list of "paying it forward" for Sue and her family goes on and on!

Hear ye, hear ye! Summer is right around the corner! Let's get ready with some wonderful and gentle hair removal from NAD'S.

NAD'S Body Wax Strips -for face and body for last minute touch-ups, crafted with natural beeswax.

NAD'S Natural Remover Gel -- the original NAD'S, no heating, natural ingredients, gel washes away easily with water.

NAD'S Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper -- slim line twist action applicator tame facial hair and eyebrows. Pop it in your purse! I love this because it's simple & quick!

NAD'S Brazilian & Bikini Wax -- for an all summer tamed bikini line, cheeky bikini shapes, no backing strips necessary.

Please find NAD'S at Walgreens, Target, and Safeway, and more.

So gals and guys let's all go hairless and feel some soft smooth skin!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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