By Mary N. DiZazzo

DRY SHAMPOO-on the days you want to skip wet shampooing!

Ciao bella,

How many of you remember Psssssst!? the first spray powder dry shampoo from years ago that turned us into believers. This generation thinks you need to wet shampoo your hair everyday. Not so true. Stripping your hair of its natural oils, design coloring, and keratin treatments is expensive. Consider dry shampooing! So what used to be a cleansing hair treatment in hospitals has become a quick beauty secret trick for an instant refresh.

A dry shampoo cleanses with oil absorbers such as starch and volumizes with silica and clay. Using a dry shampoo minimizes damage to your hair since you'll be using hot tools less often. Your color will fade less with minimum salon visits for touch-ups. Your style lasts longer and dry shampooing can puff up limp strands. Dry shampooing also leaves your hair with a fresh just -washed scent!

There are many different brands of dry shampoo. Some specialize in volumizing. Others are best for dark hair. Also portable purse size is convenient. My fav is still Pssssst! and LUSH has a powder form you sprinkle on, fluff through and brush out. So grab some ease of not wet shampooing everyday and try the fluff and go hair magic way!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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