By Mary N. DiZazzo

Fall Fresh with Lush!

Ciao bella,

Saying farewell to summer 'til next year is really inevitable and melancholy for some of us! However I always try to look on the bright side, which is enjoying the stunning colors of autumn, a new make up palette, new scents and a good exfoliating treatment from head to toe. After all that sunscreen, pool and salt water and sun our bodies need to be refreshed along with our olfactory sense.

Lush can take care of all those needs with amazing aromatherapy. With a new and fabulous catalog Lush explains its use of natural preservatives to keep products safe longer like using salt, honey and clay. Fairtrade ranks high on the list of products Lush creates. Lush has introduced the world's first certified Fairtrade vanilla absolute.

These products are of high quality and can only be testified with experiencing them!

VANILLARY - is a sweet, sensual jasmine and Fairtrade vanilla absolute perfume.

AFRICAN PARADISE - New product that has become a favorite of mine. A tropical hydration body conditioner applied after showering inspired by all the wonderful ingredients and smells that come from Africa. Delicately scented with carnation, clove and Kalahari melon oil for velvety perfumed skin. Leaves skin soft and fragrant!

PARSLEY PORRIDGE SOAP - these suds will leave your skin squeaky clean. Made with finely ground oatmeal and parsley your skin will thank you. 

CREAM EYESHADOW - Lush uses cupauçu butter in their line of creamy eyeshadows helping to set color pigment allowing you plenty of time to blend to perfection.

D'FLUFF - New product that is a self-preserving strawberry and cocoa butter shaving soap for silky smooth skin all over. The scent will send you over the top! Does not make shaving a chore anymore!

Try and pick up a catalog at the many Lush locations - Newbury St., Boston, Harvard Square, Cambridge are just a few. Do your research and enjoy the many experiences Lush has to offer. They will take you away to far off lands!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

Read prior weeks' "All That Zazz" columns at Mary is a third-generation cosmetologist and a Massachusetts distributor of Kosmea brand rose hip oil products. She may be contacted at (978) 470-8183 or