By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

After going through my facial experience with covering up my nine "milia" pops I consider myself a cover-up expert! All is healed now and actually the dermatologist who is the best in the city did me a big favor when my visit with him was for something else. Now when I apply foundation my skin looks velvety smooth. I have my favorites, however here are some different kinds of FOUNDATIONS for all you Beauty Queens to look and feel your best.

LIQUID FOUNDATION: a fluid base most popular for most gals; quite weightless on the skin coming in many finishes as sheer and matte; may also contain luminescence; oil free and moisturizing. Can be layered to achieve max coverage. Apply with a foundation brush, fingers or cosmetic sponge.

POWDER FOUNDATION: for a shine-free effect; unless you choose a baked one with luminescent beads; pressed powders give a matte finish; also comes in loose which is great to lightly seal a liquid or cream foundation; apply with powder brush or powder puff.

MINERAL FOUNDATION: so natural with less ingredients the better; made of finely ground minerals; achieves flawless coverage; earth friendly; found loose or pressed; achieves radiant or matte finish; talc free is best; apply with brush.

CREAM FOUNDATION: most moisturizing; a thicker version of liquid foundation; can also be layered to cover-up areas of complexion; best application to use fingers for exceptionally smooth outcome; best for dry skin.

And now my fav: BB CREAM: (Blemish Balm); you do not have to have a blemish to experience the multiple features that enhance a perfect and radiant glow; gives a pore-less look containing a primer base; hides imperfections with velvety results; brightening while evening out skin tone; may also contain sun protection and anti-aging ingredients; use fingers for best application.

AIR BRUSH and AIR FOAM FOUNDATION : spray on air brush gives total coverage; popular in usage to achieve glowing results; air brush is sprayed on at home then finished with make-up brush/fingers or sponge (shake well); Air Foam is a sheer cover; best applied with sponge/fingers.

Always watch your application of all Foundations blending along jawline assuring a smooth and even blend!

So my friends that's the latest scoop on Foundations and the many ways to Cover It Up Flawlessly!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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