By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beware the Dermatologist!

Ciao bella,

Just around Christmastime a very good friend of mine snapped a really flattering close-up photo of me. However if I looked really close at the photo I could vaguely see the little white micro pimples I've had on my skin for a few years now. I take very good care of my skin. So I thought. I have another skin condition that brings me to the dermatologist a couple of times a month. So I asked him what these tiny white puffs were on my complexion. He called them "milia." They may go away on their own or I can use my electric needle by popping them and in a few days they will clear up. I really like my dermatologist and he is the best around. However after nine pops I looked like I ate too many strawberries or something allergic! So just a couple of days or maybe a week and all will be fine. Not!

What have I done to deserve this fate of always having near perfect skin to adult acne! After several weeks of changing my skincare that I love -- Kosmea -- and when in South Africa went to the Kiel's counter and purchased a clay cleanser and a cream to reduce irregular skin tone (had to get rid of redness left by needle). Purchased all kinds of deep pore cleansers and a charcoal mask! Incorporating Kosmea back into my regime surely helped the healing. Dermatologist asked me if I was obsessing about my skin. Yes!

I read up on "milia." These white, tiny pimples come from not enough deep cleansing and correct exfoliation like a facial that would prevent clogging pores. Also only use a non pore-clogging sun block on your mug. I was using the tanning oil on my body as well on my complexion which clogged my pores causing "milia!"

After several months of at home skin treatments and, as Dr. J. quoted "tincture of time," my skin has all cleared up and is looking good considering the BIG birthday around the corner!

Make this a lesson my friends. When you do get a facial make it with a professional that practices knowledge of deep pore cleansing and can treat milia, which is quite common. The Dermatologist is obviously great at taking care of your skin not the math!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America! Wishing all a Happy & Safe Independence Day

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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