By Mary N. DiZazzo

The University of Cosmetology

Ciao bella,

It was my husband David who brought it to my attention that when he picks me up from the salon and has to wait he has learned something new. I was kind of surprised when I heard that. So he elaborated. The clients and stylists who discuss everything from politics, views from different perspectives on which schools are best, the era they grew up in and the hairstyles from that era they had to abandon to reading the articles from magazines he would only find in a salon. I remember the dean of a local college told me I was getting a better education than most of his students. Leaving home to live on my own and work in a salon (I styled his wife's hair at her home) was the best kind of education since all I was experiencing was not learned from a book.

Your trip to a beauty salon will prove an educational visit. Your interaction with people starting with a pleasant greeting from the receptionist (mine is awesome!) to the shampoo girl who suds you up in massage delight! She may discuss a bit of history or how she will be on the cutting floor next week since she has put in her apprentice hours. In any case it's all good and not what you hear about everyday. The hundreds of professional different products for your hair. Sometimes you can hear a stylist explain which is the best one for you.

From the latest movie reviews to theatre reviews in New York or the latest vacation spot you will hear it all in a salon. Gossip! Not in my shop!

So get educated, learn something new and enjoy a cut and color in your salon today!

Buona Giornata,

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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