By Mary N. DiZazzo

To Straighten or Not To Straighten-that is the dilemma!

Ciao bella,

I'm sure all of us have their disaster hair stories to tell. From bad haircuts, the wrong color (Sun In), frizzy perms to bad prom hair-dos are just a few of the traumas we experienced!

Well where my Mom was a hair dresser there was lots to play around with. The time I had the mumps my scalp became very sensitive and my extremely curly hair couldn't be brushed. The hair was so tangled she had to cut it all off. I didn't cry however I was traumatized while dear Mom said it was the only solution and she was sorry as she had no choice. I still didn't understand! At least it was a good cut. She also had one of her workers chemically straighten my hair and I just did not know how to style it. I told Mom I was grateful and went on my merry way!

One redeeming quality of hair it does grow back. In the mean time-Patience is a Virtue! Of course that was not the only OMG my hair is gone! That was from zealous Cosmetology students trying to style a "look". It was a look alright!

My Italian curly hair always kept me busy. The blow dryer and a stiff round brush were great discoveries for me. The "ironing" faze was not permitted by Mom! And of course learning how to pull these locks straight into place were important. The years of trying different products to straighten out all strands were not successful. So why not embrace my curly hair which is a bit long now, not so thick so there is more control? I receive many complements on the curves. Not an easy decision when you look in the mirror and I see the Bride of Frankenstein!

I have made a decision this spring thanks to the wonderful products of IMAGEN -a Salon Formula for Latina Hair Care.

I just made my yearly Keratin hair straightening service when IMAGEN arrived at my door. There are six products in this fabulous line for curly hair that is for fine or course locks. I noticed the TEMPORARY STRAIGHTENER that was a shining formula temporarily removing curl and frizz without harsh chemicals. Repeat usage is accumulated and hair curls soften. I cancelled my appointment and used all of the IMAGEN products with great results! No other product has worked so well. So this summer I will not be so straight but will embrace the shine and soft curl of IMAGEN!

You can find it at Target.

Buona Giornata and God bless the U.S.A.

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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