By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

"Table Mountain"
When my husband David was invited as a guest to The International Wool Convention to be held in Cape Town he insisted I accompany him. Since he was there a decade ago he always raved of the beauty in this majestic, coastal part of the world. I had to consider the 24 hour plane trip just to get there! How beautiful would I be and feel when we I arrived?

It was all worth it 10 times over!

My eyes feasted on looming, majestic mountains surrounding Cape Town. The people were friendly and sensed great pride to have us there. We were treated like royalty and I truly felt like a queen every day!

The Westin Hotel was magnificent. They have the Arabella Spa with massages and facials and nail care to relieve any jet lag. Aromatherapy filled your soul to revival.

The Travel Desk there with Nuraan and Galiema was most delightful and informative engaging in interesting and fun conversation!

I had three different private drivers during my stay. Everyday each one drove me to one more spectacular, breathtaking view than the other. My favorite was Table Mountain. One of the 7 Wonders of the World. I had read about it and definitely wanted to find it. It didn't take long. It reigns over all of it's glorious city of Cape Town! When there is a fog sometimes it drapes over Table Mountain calling it The Table Cloth!

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and Mall was a place you could spend days. Awesome beauty care awaits. Shopping, eating in fine cafes and lounging outdoors on the benches in front of their gigantic flat screen TV. A giant ferris wheel beckons your inner child! Taking tea there as the coastal view swallowed you up.

The African palm trees, the fauna from all over the world with the King Protea as its national flower line the setting of this daunting city.

The stunning vineyards and it's wineries kept all hyped on vino!

We made it to The South-Western tip of Africa. Way up to The Cape of Good Hope! The wow factor was there!

The fiery sunsets over the Atlantic sent me over the top as nothing I have ever seen before.

This is God's Country and the most beautiful sights to behold will stay forever in my heart.

Buona Giornata,

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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