By Mary N. DiZazzo

Glitter-a Glamazon's Sparkle!

Ciao bella,

Fancy Dress
In my Disco days I owned a huge palette of Glitter pots in every color! I matched the color of glitter to every outfit I wore for a night of dancing & fun! The glitter was not only for your eyes but for anywhere and everywhere including our hair. Glitter was always all over my apartment and sheets in those days.

I use it to decorate a finger nail for the holidays or a special occasion of fancy dress. Red and green for Christmas. White to represent snow and orange for Halloween! Purple, green and gold for Mardi Gras. A light dusting of gold or pink across the decollate is quite seducing!

Glitter's luminescent and lustrous glow is attractive to the eye wherever it is placed. The reflective flecks of plastic come in varied sizes and shapes. Powdered form as well as in sprays and gel and fragranced lotions are everywhere. I always preferred the tiny micron specks of high quality cut plastic. Deriving from the polyester family rolls of this plastic film are cut to consistency and accuracy of the cut and shape, usually hexagonal. Having the uncanny ability of reflecting light as it shines off the many surfaces of each finely cut speck I rejoice to proudly admit to being a Glitter Queen! In my cosmetic stash I have collected "Tony & Tina" pencil eyeliners in every shade with the micron glitter that enhances my eyes beautifully. Green is my fav. Unfortunately as everywhere in the world of beauty there are creative differences. So with the divorce of Tony & Tiny, their eyeliner and product line no longer exists. Boo-hoo! However micron glitter rules! Quality made succeeds as well.

Our thanks for the invention of glitter go to Henry Ruschmann, a machinist in New Jersey. In 1934 he invented an efficient manner of grinding up plastics into huge amounts of glitter. His company Meadowbrook Inventions is still in business today and one of the famous makers of glitter production! A shining tribute of longevity!

So glam it up gals and put some sparkle in your life with glitter!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America! Wishing one and all a happy, healthy New Year for 2014!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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