By Mary N. DiZazzo

Hair Will Always Be Your Crowning Glory!

Ciao bella,

"The day I don't dye my hair is the day I can't get my hands over my head." -- quote from my classmate Kathy's Aunt.

When I first started out in Cosmetology I serviced clients all day by styling their hair. I did everything from men's haircuts (my specialty) to ladies roller sets, tinting and perms. I enjoyed all of it. When teasing the hair while using spray lacquer (hairspray) I could create so many different styles. High beehives, prominent waves, updos with curls and bouffants were an everyday challenge. It was instant gratification for me as a creator and my clients who could see in the mirror and critique! Certainly a different way of styling from Mom and Nana's talents of machine-less perms, finger waves and pin curls! Their technique served as the basis of stylists today.

Cosmetology has completely advanced coming a long way since Aqua Net, sticky setting gel (Dippity-Do), roller sets and let's not forget pink hair tape to keep those bangs down in place. And oh those "helmet dryers"! I inherited a 1950s model from Mom's shop. It dries my long hair in 35 minutes and its like my own private Idaho -- excuse me honey I can't hear you!

New, exciting and ancient ideas have been springing up from the past! Don't get me wrong I loved owning my own natural nail salon business doing just nails for many years creating nail artistry. However I am happy to be back in a salon, still a nail tech, where hair and master stylists rule. I observe the fascinating technique of my long-time friend, master stylist Sandy. The blonde high lights she paints are so natural and becoming to all her faithful clients. And then there is Belkys who is coming up the master stylist ladder under Sandy's tutelage. She is young and full of pep. Recently I noticed her hair in so many different styles. One week her hair was shoulder length, then the next week her hair was long down her back! It wasn't a wig! It was "hair extensions"! Years ago hair pieces like this were called "switches". Then I noticed different hair streaks, different weeks. And then on a workday when a client was in my manicuring chair, Michael (another master stylist climber) came over to her and nonchalantly clipped in what else but a hair extension to make her coif fuller!

It looked so easy. Just clip in these delightful tresses to enhance fullness, length and color without the permanence of it all!

I can learn a new trick everyday. What's that saying about old dogs?

For exquisite hair visit a Dellaria Salon and make your hair your crowning glory!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America! Wishing one and all a happy, healthy New Year for 2014!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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