By Mary N. DiZazzo

Strong, Beautiful Hair - make yours "Living Proof"

Ciao bella,

Technology in just about everything these days has exceeded my expectations. One giant step in particular is "hair care". Expert stylists and scientists equal brilliant science! This team of inventors from MIT patented new molecules that completely change how hair behaves! Their simple ambition was challenging conventional wisdom to solve tough beauty problems. This is not a traditional beauty company, instead it rethinks conventional wisdom found in science and brains! They believe beauty is more than skin deep and every day can be a good hair day. They have made us "Living Proof."

The "Living Proof" story is beautiful chemistry consisting of the invention of better produced, quality hair product with "proof" in a bottle. In 2004 Dr. Bob Langer, MIT Professor and world-renowned biotech inventor teamed up with his partners to take a look at the beauty industry and what was actually in beauty products. They realized the same off-the-shelf ingredients were completely inferior to what they believed could turn around the face of hair care. They did it! Their proven patented scientific breakthrough awards have astonished beauty experts. Hair is full, thick with body and volume! Hair is revivable and long lasting! Truly what we are all seeking.

I'm always the first to try a new line of hair care. When I read about the "science" involved from one of our own I was intrigued. With its Money Back Guarantee I felt I had nothing to lose. Experience is the best way to explore product info! Well I've really loved the effects of the way my hair feels. One of its products keeps your locks cleaner! Another handles the "frizzies" pretty well considering I've tried them all for my Italian locks and none have ever really worked. Just a greasy mess! The straighter acts as it says with either wet or dry hair. This brilliantly bulletproof molecule that scientists developed creates a thin shield over each strand of hair and with time strengthens hair making it healthier.

Make your hair Living Proof! Customer service: 1-866-240-9933,

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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