By Mary N. DiZazzo

Hair rugs please!

Ciao bella,

Coming from a three-generation family of cosmetologists, I always remember my Nana and Mom changing their hair color and styles frequently. Streaks of blonde, shades of auburn, puffed and teased were always there in capturing a look. One day Mom came home with a fancier bouffant than usual. Big high waves and dips accented by a fan of blonde hair sweeping through her deep brunette front bang! I knew that her and Dad were attending The Dahlia Ball. Her coif looked perfect with her emerald green gown of chiffon and taffeta! It was the first time I saw a "hairpiece." That sweep of blonde was attached to a pin and carefully tucked into the roots of Mom's real hair. Then her hairdresser proceeded to design her masterpiece coiffure with Mom's instructions. Stunning!

Recently I tried to help a friend out with her hairpiece. It inspired me that while I was looking for her I found some interesting hairpieces for myself in my exact color! Truly a lifesaver with the hot and humid weather we've been experiencing. Just pull up, tuck in my own hair and clip on or pin in the different style piece to fit the day's activity or mood! Curls, waves, ponytails and chignons of hair that will grace and frame a face!

One hair guru Ken Paves brought back the "hairpiece" they call "hair extensions" today. In 2004 he started moonlighting creating "big beautiful hair" on strippers for star stylist "Oribe" in Miami. This job paid $75 a week! Pave studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and the Tony and Guy Institute. He traveled with other celebrity hair stylists doing tours of Europe where Pave created hairstyles in sync with couture collections from Versace and Valentino. In 2006 he was in partnership with Jessica Simpson his latest star client and launched a line of clip-on hair extensions for home usage and everyday wear. So if you think it's time for a nice cool "do," clip one on and look elegant or just simply cool. Simplified hair is just what we deserve!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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