By Mary N. DiZazzo

Kiss and Tell

Ciao bella,

The marvel of lipstick! It frames our face bringing out our best features. The color we choose establishes a first impression. It could turn you into a Natural Beauty or a Sultry Goddess! It's important how people see us. It's empowering to make ourselves look and feel our best. Color on my lips has never failed me. Sometimes it's all you need for a quick errand. However I'm seriously talking color, gloss and shine to make a statement. For forever I have always favored bright, deep reds and burgundy plums. Just a few times I tried pale gold, a pearly white and a baby pink. The pale gold was shimmery and really pretty however not on my lips. Friends thought I looked ill.

Until recently my fav colors are orange/red or a pink/red. They make a statement for sure! My confidence in whatever I do shines within me.

I am truly an Ebay surfer! I shop for everything here with fantastic luck. There are dozens of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. From embroidered towels, a dollhouse size pin up calendar (which I own) to swatches of her clothing for sale! It's all very daunting. Then I came across a Marilyn Monroe lipstick/makeup line of cosmetics! Outrageously priced!

I'm the gal who is happy with a couple of great tubes of color from Duane Reade at $3.99 each. A drugstore makeup haven popular in New York City. It was too late to think of my budget as my finger pressed Buy Now and I was on my way to lipstick land where in black and white Marilyn was featured on the box and tube. My auction prize was delivered quickly. Carefully opening the box I spied a set of perfect lip prints! This was not going to be an ordinary lipstick application! And it wasn't! It was true devine! The creamy orangey red glided on with a matte glaze. It was love at first sight. I glanced in my mirror once again. Was it the new lip color or my smile that right at that very moment I could conquer the world!

Feel the power and feel great!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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