By Mary N. DiZazzo

An America Scented State of Mind

Ciao bella,

We all love nostalgia! One form is "scent". Possibly a scent from childhood, your first home, a vacation that holds a special place in your heart or a state where you you lived.

"United Scents of America" has developed a nation of fragrance. Truly remarkable perfumes evoking atmospheres of unforgettable places in the United States. Entrepreneurs Sascha Bertran from New York and Samantha Sherwin from New Jersey have already bottled 7 states of scented nostalgia!

  • Walk the Freedom Trail with Massachusetts. You'll find a spot of tart cranberry.

  • Stroll the beach with Florida. Orange, grapefruit and sea breeze are a few of the perfumes top notes.

  • Travel to California with a blend of coconut, eucalyptus and vanilla bean.

  • For a New York state of mind -flowery and citrus notes are blended perfectly.

  • Deep in the heart of Texas are bottom masculine notes of cedar leaf, amber and white musk.

  • Want to take a walk down the boardwalk? Try New Jersey-scented after it's concession stands! You get delicious and lots of compliments!

  • Hawaii is devine with pink plumeria, night blooming jasmine as top notes. The heart notes are golden pineapple and papaya. The bottom note is coconut palm.
Try them for the thrill of it all! You can find these unique scents in our own North End at Shake The Tree!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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