By Mary N. DiZazzo

Be My Valentine -- but wait let me get ready for bed!

Ciao bella,

I can remember when I was in my teens my "Beauty Rituals" consisted of washing my face with Dove soap (Mom used it faithfully 'til I showed her better!) and brushing my teeth. Remember most skin products just coat the skin. Make sure your daily Beauty Ritual cleanser and moisturizer contain penetrating qualities that will protect and add natural ingredients to plump your complexion. Mom always told me we were lucky since we inherited good Italian skin or so she thought. Actually we needed more than relying on our heritage! Only she was so light she could never sit in the sun for a minute. In her younger years she learned the hard way after all what sunscreen existed in 1940! Her Nana had velvet skin well into her winter years and wish I knew her Beauty Rituals. However that was Great Nana! Beware of the sun! Always use sunscreen. Kosmea now has a Moisturizing Cream with SPF 30. Find a Beauty Ritual that contains natural ingredients closest to what your skin produces naturally.

At the first sign of "crows feet" Mom was always trying a new and expensive Beauty Cream! Finally my knowledge into the world of Esthetics including facials and pore refinement proved beneficial for us both. It always seemed the best products were from another country (i.e., Kosmea from Australia). Mother enjoyed her milky-light skin, practically wrinkle-free by experimenting with all kinds of makeup and color. She was satisfied. However today there would be so much product she would have her eye on. I counted six concealers in her makeup cabinet one time! At a certain point or age in life I feel concealer is a very important part of a Beauty Ritual. A nice soft color applied under eye with ring finger, blending well then a dusting of light yellow powder! Instant youth!

Mother's consults with me would be inevitable! I truly miss the opportunity! The memories of Mom and our beauty cream try outs bring me back to an evening on Valentine's when she should have been ready for a romantic evening however instead she had gone through her Beauty Ritual and she was ready for bed alright-face mask and all! Everyone have a lovely Valentine's Day! For more Beauty Tricks call or email me anytime!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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