By Mary N. DiZazzo

No New Year's Resolutions Today

Ciao bella,

Here goes another Happy New Year in all its glory! The count down reminds us of a new beginning to start off a new slate! Just imagine all the possibilities. Life needs to be more simplified to create an internal glow. Enjoy the New Year by discovering the true beauty of living our life in a pleasant pace. So many of us seem to jam it all together. I am going to take in a quieter pace this New Year myself.

You know the "stop and smell the rose's" kind of thing! We all need to assess our priorities. What better time than now. Hobbies are a truly worthwhile past time. They are accomplishments that make you feel good about yourself. So pick up that hobby you've wanted to finish or start. Little steps conquer a world!

Clean out that closet! Donate. Donate! Buy yourself a whole new outfit or better yet a new wardrobe. Step into some bright colors. Winter can be so dull. Kick it up with scented body lotion. Feel soft and smell dreamy with a fragrance you love! Indulge into a world of cosmetic color! Aqua eyeliner is popular now. How about becoming a red head, a blonde or a brunette! Hi-lights and lo-lights can bring on a new confidence. How about a twirl of eye shadow?

Live life up this year! Treat yourself like a queen and not just for one day! You deserve it!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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