By Mary N. DiZazzo

Gold And Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!

Ciao bella,

The beauty of shopping for jewelry! I mean the real stuff that is a defining experience all its own!

I was 19 years old and was ready to purchase my first piece. My hairdressing friends at the time brought me to The Jewelers Exchange Building in downtown Boston. Of course because where on earth would you get a great deal and exceptional customer service? Everyone traveled far and wide to The Jewelers Exchange Building. I remember the rows of shops with glimmering gold, pearls and diamonds! After viewing many neck chains, bracelets and earrings, I decided on a 30 inch, 14K herring bone neck chain! The golden shimmer was dazzling! I enjoy it still to this day with various large dangling charms I've collected during the years! In the Jewelers Building I had my Nana and Mom's diamonds transformed into my wedding rings and other rings beautifully! As time has passed I have purchased many more beautiful pieces there including my charm bracelet, which needs one last needed charm "a palm tree"! Since I am writing this from my West Hollywood hotel room I see it only fitting!

The Jewelers Building is celebrating its 90th Anniversary now in 2012. It was established in 1922 at 333 Washington Street in the area we now know as Downtown Crossing. It is the heart and soul of Boston's jewelry industry. When this beautiful Art Deco building opened there were over 100 retail stores. You would find appliances, luggage, jewelry and other accessories with customer satisfaction as their top priority. This exceptional service has been passed from generation to generation.

Still home to over 125 jewelers, expert craftsman, designers, pearl stringers and goldsmiths, The Jewelers Building continues its quality and expertise with great value as the greatest source for diamonds and fine jewelry in the city of Boston and beyond.

The Jewelers Building is launching a campaign to celebrate its 90th Anniversary to remind customers new and old of its exceptional value and commitment of service.

So take a trip Downtown and see what a little shimmer can do!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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