By Mary N. DiZazzo

To Curl or not to Curl-that is the Question!

Ciao bella,

My cosmetic world is filled with all kinds of Beauty-Fix-Me-Ups. You know the "tricks of the trade" from concealers, eyebrow wax to the subject of today -- eyelash curlers! I own two pair. One plastic that folds up for travel and is lightweight. I also own the typical metal brand with rubber padding. I like using them when I am not using mascara and my lashes are tinted since they are light. Only upper lashes should be curled. Just use hot blow dryer on curler to warm them and curl away! They truly work! Using an eyelash curler with mascara is a personal preference. Trying and seeing is believing! You can also find battery-operated curlers with a heating element installed. The original metal device was invented by William McDonell and patented in 1931.

So through the years I did take the time to sometimes curl my lashes with the standard metal curler. It certainly does work making curly lashes. It is a look for sure! However is it worth the trouble? I also remember my friends who attended a strict parochial high school with no makeup rules. My cousin would apply Vaseline on her already natural dark lashes and curl them. Really great! In fact she was accused many times that she was wearing mascara.

I also found that by curling it stimulates lash growth. Caution must always be applied with a curler. A gentle hand should be used and curler lightly warmed as not to burn skin!

To curl or not to curl? Find out and see!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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