By Mary N. DiZazzo

Use It or Lose It Feel Good Beauty Tips!

Ciao bella,
The best costume for the day to attend CCAE!.
Ahhhhh -- the ending of summer blues! We all have the feeling! So time to gear up for fall with a new schedule, new beauty routines and comfy cooking to keep you healthy, beautiful and happy! Our days have been filled with pool/cabana, beach ball fun and admiring our well tended gardens! Feasts and food, strolling a Cape Cod path, lounging out doors will soon be a passing memory! So look forward to keeping the fun going.

Autumn happens to be my favorite season. It's the door that closes summer with a flamboyant burst of color. A time of hauntings to be whoever you would like to be for just one day and a time for thanksgivings! So start planning some beautiful, breezy days and make it work for you!

Take a class at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. They have daytime and weekend classes all just for fun! No tests to be graded. Learn to speak a language, cooking classes from the best chefs around, taking a reading class allows you to explore the story with other interesting people and their viewpoint, sign up for a writing class so you can get started on that that book you want to write, computer classes and it goes on and on! For more info go to or call for a catalog and one of their helpful reps will assist you! Fall semester starts in late September. I've been a student for almost 20 years!

Looking for some new bling makeup? LUSH COSMETICS has just launched their new makeup line "Emotional Brilliance"! Their gold and silver eyeliner brought me many complements this summer. Using them will put a new gleam in your eye! Pay it forward with food my dear friends!

I have found that baking, cooking and sharing the dish brings joy to all! Just a thank you and that look of yummy as they taste a homemade treat is worth all the labor! You feel good and feeling good is beautiful! When I do cook for people I feel like I am giving them a piece of the joy I made it with!

I have also found this wonderful recipe club for tried and true blue ribbon recipes! Healthy cooking recipes and Mom's traditional menus from around our great USA! Try one today!

So keep it going strong as we head into Autumn. Remember, "use it or lose it"!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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