By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty is in the Laughter!

Ciao bella,
Mary with Italian-American Comic and Massachusetts Native, Mario Cantone.
Happy Anniversary to me! It has been 10 years writing my beauty culture column for the wonderful Post-Gazette this summer! It has given me full rein to express myself and my opinions from beauty rituals and beauty product to where beauty lies in all aspects of our lives! I thank the staff at Post-Gazette for all they do for me personally and of course to the editor my friend Pam Donnaruma whose family has made it possible for several generations for writers as myself to share with our peers our expressions of everything an Italian newspaper is worthy of! God bless you all for this privilege!

I mentioned laughter as my headline and laughter shall be the beauty tip this week!

This past weekend brought my husband and me back to Provincetown! We took the fast ferry and was greeted by our best friend Rich J. who picked us up in his jeep and touted us around for days! Fun in the sun and kept cool in the pool afternoons!

Recently, a popular morning TV show introduced Mario Cantone as their guest! He was Charlotte's wedding planner as well as a good friend to her in Sex and the City on TV and in the movies! A comedian at his best! He hails from Stoneham, Mass. Not many stand-ups make me laugh but Mario holds a special place in my heart! He was playing Provincetown's Art House and I was determined to make it! And laugh we did all night! Designer-to-the stars Bob Mackie and cabaret singer Marilyn Maye were in our audience as well! We split our sides! I felt so wonderful from the experience. Luckily enough we were just sitting for dinner and there was Mario! Oh my God I am going to meet and kiss Mario! And I did! He stayed and chatted and life could not have been better at the moment! So when a last minute opportunity arises to laugh-take the plunge and do it out loud!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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