By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beautiful Is Burlesque!

Ciao bella,
A few weeks back my husband David and I experienced a rare opportunity in Boston which used to be an every night occasion here in our fine city! The West End Museum gave us an evening of fine music and Burlesque. We admired a display of some of the best Burlesque Costumes from back in the day! Bright feathery gowns with embellished scarves, gloves and a few other "small things" set the tone of what was to come! Elaborately decorated g-strings and pasties set Burlesque dancers apart from other adult entertainers!

We enjoyed Kristen Minsky, of Providence, R.I., fan dance while sexy music was played by the well-known John Licata Sextet! Certainly reviving a nostalgic atmosphere the band played on and on!

Some other famous Burlesque gals were Sally Rand whose notorious fan dance wowed audiences for decades! She caused a national scandal by performing her first "obscene" dance at the 1933 Chicago's World Fair! Then went on to become the World's Greatest Fan Dancer!

Ann Corio was called the Burlesque Queen of Broadway and is well known for her acting as well. She performed at our very own Boston's Old Howard Theatre as well as the famous Minsky's Burlesque. Catch some wonderful black and white full blow-ups behind the bar at Scollay Square on Beacon Street of some of these divas.

A recently retired beauty (2009) is Angie Pontani. She incorporated ballet en pointe in her routine and worked a square of chiffon like a butterfly. This Miss Erotic World donned exquisite long brunette, wavy locks, which enhanced her delicate, graceful and seductive moves!

At Hubba Hubba in Cambridge, years ago, David and I met Dita Von Teese. In the pouring rain we made it to meet this adorable Burlesque Queen! Best known for her Burlesque act "Le Bain" where she swishes and splashes in a giant bubble bath in a giant Martini Glass! Her vintage style is reminiscent of the past and reflects in her stage performances!

So have in little fun in your life when "you take it off, but not all off"!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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