By Mary N. DiZazzo

Makeup Tricks To Look Younger -- We All Need Them!

Ciao bella,
I have picked up many kinds of makeup this past year and the best way to use them! Here is what I found from the experts and myself. Tried and true are all these facts.

  1. Using a primer after your moisturizer has set in is a must. Primer actually smoothes out your skin with a "cheese-cloth" effect making your face appear smoother! I've been using primer for years. Use alone or under foundation. Absolute magic!
  2. Foundation for mature skin should be light and airy, not heavy and thick. A foam or air-brush spray foundation should be purchased. The advancement in technology of these new applications gives a flawless look!
  3. A liquid illuminating high lighter (containing light-reflecting particles) should be used above blush line; on brow bone and can be mixed in with foundation to make skin look radiant and hide flaws! Truly a must!
  4. Use a matte concealer under eye sweeping from inner nose to end of eye. Apply a pale yellow face powder with brush over concealer to make eyes bright and youthful. Works every time!
  5. Use cream blush along the cheekbone for a dewy finish. Powder blush exaggerates fine lines and sits atop the skin's surface.
  6. Enhancing shades of Rose lipstick give off a younger appearance. When applying lipstick, dab around the border of your lips making the edges soft not giving attention to fine lines around your mouth!
  7. Use washable mascara since the waterproof is rough on removing and delicate lashes!
Well glamazons that's just a few of the secrets to a younger and better looking appearance.

I will be giving a private Beauty Talk over lunch and will give out name brands of product I have used and love! If you are interested call me for more info! Happy Spring and keep looking marvelous!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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