By Mary N. DiZazzo

It's a Mad, Mad Men's World!

Ciao bella,
I always admired the '60s. I was just a kid but I loved the "cat eye" drawn liner as it swept across ones lashes, just like Elizabeth Montgomery's "Samantha" in Bewitched! The face make up, so pale, but yet with a translucent, luminous glow was seen in all the popular glamour magazines. Pressed powders, frosted blush with dramatic thick and sometimes spiked lashes were also trendy. Max Factor put out Eye Shadow Sticks of "Iridescent Beige Mist" & "Misty White."

Bronzers and Bronzing were also quite popular. Remember in the sixties having a tan was a good thing and fashionable since warnings of sun damage were still in the future. Sun worshippers used a mix of baby oil and iodine for what we would now call Snookie-esque color!

The hairstyles, from the flip to the beehive, were just what I wanted when I grew up! Oh and that Taboo Perfume that I would sneak a spritz from Mom's bureau! Hairpins and combs were what I wanted to own! Hairspray topped the list of all beauty products with brands like Adorn and White Rain. And for straight, flat bangs, just a dab will do of Dippity-Do and some of that pink hair tape!

Yes the seventh decade of the 20th Century was a place I wanted to be as a grown-up! My Mom's Jackie Kennedy-like bouffant was back combed (teased) and sprayed and took on statuesque proportions in more ways than one! Truly a work of art! Dreamy, creamy pearls were Mom's fav jewelry! All shapes and sizes.

All of it looked so glamorous to me! She and my Dad would attend Dahlia Balls, political parties with sparkly ball gowns and monkey suits! All their friends would come by for the obligatory cocktail and photo session! I was in awe of it all!

One evening last month, the 38th floor of One Federal St. was transformed into the offices of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce as the Harvard Club of Boston celebrated a 1960s Mad Men evening and I got to live out my dream!

Under my leopard pill box hat was a coiffed French Twist, sprayed to death! Pearl drop earrings that were Mom's, along with her gold, Washington, D.C., Capital pin, 1961! I wore my John F. Kennedy for President button; David wore his Nixon/Lodge button! I also used my vintage leopard purse with ivory gloves and lots of creamy pearls were 1960s worthy! To complete the atomic-era look we picked up a pack of unfiltered Lucky's and passed them out! But I really feel that David's present for my Christmas Birthday, the champagne mink stole, had something to do with our winning the Best Dressed title for the event! I'll take it and my dream too!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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