By Mary N. DiZazzo

A Tale of a Beauty Career

Ciao bella,
If I could write a book I would love to title it "If This Table Could Talk". After all, I've spent most of my career at a manicuring table, with draws I might add! More on the draws later!

In fact my Dad would call it "the ladies on the half hour" -- lovely every one! I've had the unique experience of listening to the most juicy stories, holiday fiascos, love gone bad, travel tips on what not to do, recipes for not only food but for the ingredients for a perfect storm pertaining to marriage and in-laws, wonderful trips, childhood memories, yes the bad and the very good!

"BLandover" was not so bland after all! From one of my first managers "Danny" I would hear please make sure you don't book the appointments back to back with ex-wife #1 and present wife #2! OK!

And make sure that when a lady books a manicure and she has a broken nail, fix it because it's like she has a broken arm! Of course he didn't say arm! But you get the point!

It's been quite a road of manicuring tables, chairs, bottles of nail polish, no shows, cuticle remover and nail files and nail glue. When I was graduating from high school Mom would say you must learn a career otherwise you'll end up smelling glue at the shoe factory! I decided to follow my Mom and Nana's career of cosmetology. I still ended up with glue on my table but it is a most esteemed tool since I abhorred acrylic and gel nails. I use the glue to wrap tips with silk and repair weak/ broken nails in a more natural way of preserving the health of the Natural Nail. It has become my insignia! Mary For Nails-the Nail Doctor!

I hate too many changes! I hate moving! In fact I am celebrating 20 years of living in the same building on Beacon Hill! I enjoyed my very own salon in Andover for 13 years but when health issues came into play I decided to play it down. Good ole Dad said work from our house after all Mom enjoyed her Beauty Shop here at the home in Methuen forever! All my lovely ladies followed for almost 4 years. I spent quality time with Daddy-o and he did greeting the ladies! Naturally all good things end.

I was back in Andover, which I loved, for only 6 months. It was one of those "too good to be true" and when will my bubble burst kind of deals. The owner had to move and when she did she told me we would not be using "draws" and that there were no draws on our new manicuring tables! Needless to say but bye-bye was in order!

So now I'm back to where I belong! Dellaria in Andover! Back to a hair salon where co-workers will greet me with open arms. And a salon from years ago that I knew my tombstone would bear my name in their parking lot! Full circle, as Leslie well noted. Oh yes I thought of "throwing in the towel"! But after all the "lovely ladies" have become my dear and most loyal friends. And we all need a good recipe once in a while!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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